Testimonials for Chitra Lele's phenomenal work from world leaders, business experts, management gurus, technology experts, bestselling authors, peace makers, and global organizations.

Testimonials from World Leaders

I extend my greetings and felicitations for your efforts. I have read the poem ‘Seamless Cohesion’ and feel that such inspirational thoughts will certainly motivate the youth of our nation for sustainable peace, prosperity and brotherhood.

Testimonial from Hon. ex-President of India
Pratibha Patil

Hon. ex-President of India

I am pleased to learn that your work promotes positive change and world peace. The message of peace and harmony transmitted through your poetry is honorable and encouraging and I wish you much success in your endeavors.

Testimonial from Sharon Shepherd
Sharon Shepherd

Hon. ex-Mayor of Kelowna, Canada

Encouraging the youth to contribute to national development through your poetry and self-help books is truly commendable. I wish you good health, continued success as a poet and many more blessings.

Testimonial from Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

Hon. ex-President of the Philippines

I am fully confident that our country has a bright future with youth like you full of energy, enthusiasm and working undeterred in the wider spectra for making human life better and better still.

Testimonial from Prabha Rau
Prabha Rau

Hon. ex-Governor of Himachal Pradesh, India

It is wonderful to know that young people like you all over the world are contributing in a creative way to the spread of messages of world peace and harmony.

Testimonial from John Brumby
John Brumby

Hon. ex-Premier of Victoria, Australia

I congratulate you for this effort and I wish you have the strength and courage to continue your work for the benefit not only for the youth generation but for all the people in the world.

Testimonial from Eleni Mavrou
Eleni Mavrou

Hon. ex-Mayor of Nicosia

Good luck with your noble endeavors. I am pleased the youth of this world are prepared to speak out on such important issues.

Testimonial from Chauhdary A Rashid
Chauhdary Abdul Rashid JP

Hon. ex-Lord Mayor of Birmingham, United Kingdom

I am glad to hear that you are successful in your work and that you hope to spread your writings as far as you can. I hope that you as well continue to do your noble and praiseworthy work, and that you continue to contribute to positive change in the world.

Testimonial from Lee Fisher
Lee Fisher

Hon. ex-Lt. Governor of Ohio, United States

It is wonderful to know that people such as yourself feel so strongly about the present world situation and are trying to make it a better place for us all.

Testimonial from Tom Ansell
Tom Ansell

Hon. ex-Mayor of Walsall, United Kingdom

Thank you for your interest in making the world a better place. The youth of our countries need good examples to inspire them to be better people. I wish you well in your efforts.

Testimonial from Cheryl Cox
Cheryl Cox

Hon. ex-Mayor of Chula Vista, United States

I am happy to know that you received letter of commendation from the Hon’ble President of India. Keep up what you have been doing and do it well. Literary pursuit and peace initiatives are fulfilling endeavors and I wish you all the success. Keep writing and you will realize your dream because you have the potential.

Testimonial from R S Mooshahary
R. S. Mooshahary

Hon. ex-Governor of Meghalaya, India

Testimonials from Peace Organizations and Peace Ambassadors

We wish you every success in getting your message across throughout the world. Your work on inspiring people through your books and poetry sounds wonderful. We certainly encourage you to pursue your ideas on awareness- raising through your words and wish you every success in the future.

Testimonial from Peace One Day
Peace One Day Team

Peace One Day Team, United Kingdom

You have great insight and wonderful talent as a writer. Your gifts to the world for peace and understanding are admirable.

Testimonial from Joan Marie Amatuzio
Joan Marie Amatuzio

Founder: Peace Writers—Creating a World of Peace for Children, President: Women and Children International, United States

It is exciting when young people like yourself write to let us know that Where Peace Lives is an inspiration for them and it is inspiring to know that one such as yourself is out there spreading the word of peace in your own way and words.

Testimonial from Donna Clapp
Donna Clapp

Executive Director: Where Peace Lives, United States

Your efforts to spread your inspirational peace poetry are to be commended. Best of luck in your writing endeavors!

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Janelle Surpris

Director of Programs, Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW), USA

I am very glad to read about your love of peace, your peace books and your poetry. With all best wishes for the success of your work for peace.

Testimonial from Ada Aharoni
Ada Aharoni

Founder and World President of the International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace (IFLAC), Peace Culture Researcher, Poet and Writer, Middle East

Chitra, I congratulate you to be so brave to continue with your adventure, because we might be able to momentarily forget our search, but not our dreams. We cannot delay our wishes because they will remain inside of us. Don’t stop to watch and sing the miracle of life surrounding us. Don’t stop listening to your heart because it knows why we are here, and let it sing His poetry.

Testimonial from Eugenia Soberanis
Eugenia Soberanis

Vice President World Academy of Arts and Culture, President of World Congress of Poet (XXVIII WCP)

Testimonials from Business Experts, Management Gurus, Bestselling Authors, Award-winning Poets, and Technology Experts

Thank you Chitra for sharing your wisdom with the world. When the world has more people like you, it will be a better place.

Testimonial from Tim Connor
Tim Connor

CSP, CEO of Connor Resource Group and Peak Performance Institute, International Inspiring Speaker & Trainer, International Bestselling Author, United States

Chitra is a young budding personality who develops software projects and pens down her ideas in such a manner that people are made aware about the top notch updates and skills. She always infuses positive progress in whatever she pursues. She is always at the apex when it comes to helping people in their onward journey with her knowledge and insights. So I happily recommend her for everything she pursues, right from computer science to spirituality. May God's grace be with her!

Testimonial from Vibhor Nigam
Vibhor Nigam

Territory Sales Supervisor at MRF Limited, Sports Leader, and Technical Sales & Marketing Expert, India

Chitra reaches into what I call the psychic void to pull out fragments of eternal truths She aspires for mankind to turn inward to seek spiritual cleanliness and peace to offset the external chaos that reigns over much of this earth.

Testimonial from Ruth Wildes Schuler
Ruth Wildes Schuler

Editor of Poetry Anthologies and the International Literary Magazine, Prophetic Voices, Award-winning American Poet and Short Story Writer, United States

Chitra’s style encompasses an appreciation of the aesthetic qualities in life and in how her choice of words expresses this beauty in ways subtle yet expressly captivating.

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Colleen Lue

Award-winning Writer and Editor: Literaryspot, United Kingdom

Chitra Lele is truly a young disruption decoder of the future of work. Blessed with deep knowledge of technology, business and spirituality, she is an expert in connecting the dots. A rare trait of weaving the fabric of technical innovation and research while ensuring efficiency and quality is her unique talent. Down to earth personality with more than 30 publications and 10 awards of International repute who is always ‘happy to help’. I must say – “Consultants are not born, they are made!”

Testimonial from Lokesh Madan
Lokesh Madan

Solutions Architect @ Ericsson, Technical Consultant and Business Analyst, India

Chitra Lele is a young software engineer and solution architect by profession and also a student pursuing her higher studies, an academic author by passion, and a peace ambassador and social worker by purpose. Chitra and her team develop software solutions based on ethically aligned design principles. She strives to add value to the greater good of the world through her social transformation projects. Her literary grip is worth noting. Wishing all the best for future endeavors. She is an youth icon.

Testimonial from Om Srivastava
Om Srivastava

Retd. Professor and Head, Sardar Patel University, India

Chitra is a highly knowledgeable, efficient entrepreneur who knows how to optimize your technological needs and has an excellent hold on managing your spiritual and social being amid ever-changing technologies and the hacks of daily life. From artificial intelligence to emotional intelligence, Chitra leads with her light of insight and agility and fills the space with positivity, and servant leadership examples, which extend, raise, deepen consciousness, give voice, and empower those around her.

Testimonial from Rashmi Sharma
Rashmi Sharma

Staff Development Specialist at Alameda County, Organizational Development Strategist, and Mentor—Thrive Confluence, United States

Chitra Lele is as genuine as they come and very well rounded. She has a heart of gold and will always give of herself to aid and support others. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to connect with her and grow as an individual. We both come from a technology background and I have no doubt Chitra will always excel at what she does. Whether it be helping organizations from a technology perspective, uplifting others that are down and need support, or following any of her passions she will never stop working and learning in an attempt to better herself and everyone around her. That is the essence of Chitra. It is about serving others selflessly while working to improve herself daily. She will share knowledge in abundance and she absolutely has an abundance to share.

Testimonial from Rob Polon
Rob Polon

Career Branding Expert, Educator and Customer Success Advocate, United States

Chitra Lele, the young record-setting author, management consultant and award-winning poet, asks us to push into the straw tube of our own mind in order to find a deeper sense of consciousness and freedom from which a liberated life is possible. Human beings are the only animals who can interpose mindful awareness and values-based choice between urges and actions. Now, more than ever, that's what is needed, and Chitra's work caters to this aspect through various creative ways.

Testimonial from Steven Hayes
Dr. Steven Hayes, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology, University of Nevada, Reno, and Prolific Author of 32 books, including the Amazon best-selling book Get Out of Your Mind & Into Your Life, United States

Chitra Lele is a young, enterprising leader in the Information Technology field. Through her profession of software engineering and her passion of writing academic books, Chitra helps people to tap into their powerhouse of positive energy. She is always on the lookout for opportunities to apply new ideas and turn them into something tangible of value. Apart from consulting corporate houses in the fields of software project management and team management, Chitra also devotes time towards building a seamless web of peace ambassadors and change creators.

Testimonial from Karen Wedding
Karen Wedding

Top IT Strategist, United States

A visionary young person with a deep passion for learning and humanity. She is a real inspiration and her passion for learning knows no bounds. She keeps all motivated with her positive outlook about life.

Testimonial from Meera Asmi
Dr. Meera Asmi

Chairwoman & Director of Development and Corporate Partnerships @ We Grow Forest Foundation, State President-WICCI and Solution Architect—Startups, India

Chitra Lele is a young, dynamic IT Engineer who is a consummate professional, highly focused on delivering outcomes that meet the desired objectives of her clients. An absolute delight to work with and is highly recommended. Thank you Chitra for your professionalism and exceeding our expectations on every level.

Testimonial from Derick Mildred
Derick Mildred

Founder of Results Formula - Build & Grow Your Business with LinkedIn, LinkedIn Influencer, and LinkedIn Coach and Trainer, Australia

Testimonials for Chitra Lele's Academic, Research and Reference Books in Various Genres

Chitra Lele has managed to create a mantra of gentle insights to invite the reader to a more fulfilled tomorrow. Read 'The 6 Spheres of Life' today and see the warmth of her poetic nature and charming prose. You deserve fulfillment. Chitra's mantra can be a potent tool in that journey.

Testimonial from Bob Danzig
Bob Danzig

Best-selling Author, Speaker, Former CEO of Hearst Newspapers, United States

Chitra Lele’s book 'The 6 Spheres of Life: Unlocking the Door to Success and Happiness' is a great resource for self-transformation and empowerment. The information in this book delivers a blueprint for happiness and inner peace. It will help set new standards for life and take it to the next level.

Testimonial from Lance Secretan
Lance Secretan

International best-selling author of thirteen books, Management Consultant, Coach and Keynote Speaker, Canada

Chitra's work, 'The 6 Spheres of Life', is part of a growing response to a new and emerging global consciousness - the consciousness that we live in a time of change and it is only by and through the human alignment to that change that we can make a meaningful contribution. She addresses the presence of self that we can change within our selves as the first step in becoming a new and enlightened individual - success to you in your journey.

Testimonial from Richard Bowell
Richard Bowell

International best-selling author of thirteen books, Management Consultant, Coach and Keynote Speaker, Canada

Chitra Lele knows what all of the great masters of spiritual development and transformation know: "it is an inside/out job." And rather than relying on vague abstractions, Ms. Lele provides concrete ways in her book 'The 6 Spheres of Life: Unlocking the Door to Success and Happiness' to assist readers to manifest their highest purpose, creating new meaning in their lives.

Testimonial from Barry Heermann
Barry Heermann, Ph.D.

Educator, Organizational Consultant and Author of Noble Purpose, Igniting Extraordinary Passion for Life and Work, United States

Chitra Lele’s book 'Organizational Democracy' offers a novel theory–‘The Perfect Configuration’ for identifying and balancing the types of members present in a team. She also provides effective approaches, comprehensive examples and detailed worksheets for assembling well oiled self-driven teams. Her book will help any manager understand the principles that create effective teams.

Blank Image
Jack Zigon

President: Zigon Performance Group and Author of How to Measure Team Performance, United States

Chitra Lele shines a bright light on the importance of teams and the value of teamwork in our increasingly interconnected world! Determination, connection, adaptability, creativity—different people bring much to the team. Read Chitra Lele’s book 'Organizational Book' and learn how to build a diverse team focused towards success!”

Testimonial from Marshall Goldsmith
Marshall Goldsmith

NYT and WSJ #1 best-selling author of What Got You There Won’t Get You There and the recently published WSJ best-seller Succession: Are You Ready? and Executive Leadership Coach, United States

Chitra G. Lele offers a finely detailed map which brilliantly describes the nature of teams and how they are built. Written to be exceptionally practical in meeting the challenges of the present as well as our rapidly approaching future, this book can serve as the blueprint for the continuous development and leadership of teams at all levels of the organization. This book 'Organizational Democracy' is for all leaders to keep close at hand.

Testimonial from Joel Zeff
Joel Zeff

Speaker, Workplace Expert, and Author of Make the Right Choice: Creating a Positive, Innovative, and Productive Work Life, United States

Chitra’s book 'Organizational Democracy' is a thorough and complete examination of the chemistry of teamwork. The book’s attention to detail will help any manager understand the foundations and principles that create effective teams. For those blessed with a great team, this book will help you continue your group’s success. For those managers still searching for the right elements for a productive team, this book will help you understand the steps needed to find harmony.

Blank Image
Mark Sobol

Managing Partner: Full Circle Group, Co-author and co-editor, Leading the Global Workforce, United States

I heartily recommend 'Organizational Democracy' because it doesn’t just present teamwork in platitudes, but breaks it down into a workable, practical process. Today’s employees, at all levels, are by necessity, worker-managers, who have little time for lengthy classes and training sessions. Contrary to some popular thinking, today’s workers genuinely want excellence for themselves as well as their organization, but they need a practical, quick study to guide them. That is what this book is about – practical individual leadership and ultimate organizational success!

Testimonial from Twyman Towery
Twyman Towery

President of Towery Communications, Management Consultant and Best-Selling Author of The Wisdom of Wolves, The Power of Eagles and The Male Code, United States

I am delighted to write the foreword for the book written by the young and accomplished author, Chitra Lele. The Call Center Essentials: The Practical Guide to Real-Time Results is a highly comprehensive guide to call center operations. Integral to the book is Chitra’s unique theory, ‘The Wheel of Nurture’, which is a novel combination of management principles and human factors encompassing customers, tools, performance and communication in call centers. Moreover, her book provides resources and a wide range of information and tools designed to assist with recruiting and retaining the appropriate personnel, product development and location sourcing for call centers with the goal of assisting with the maximization of business gains and Return on Investment.

Testimonial from Julia Connell
Dr. Julia Connell

Professor of Management, Co-Director—Change, People and Organizational Wellbeing Research Cluster, Curtin University, Australia

Chitra G. Lele’s book, The Call Center Essentials: The Practical Guide to Real-Time Results, is essential and easy reading for those who seek employment in a call center either as a call center representative (CSR), as a supervisor or as a manager. For those at the entry level, this book introduces you to the jargon of the industry and to a philosophy which, if adopted, should position you well for employment in the industry. It certainly provides all of the information that will enable you to differentiate yourself from the many thousands of willing but less informed applicants. It also provides benchmarks against which you can compare potential employers (assuming you have a choice about where you obtain employment). Once employed the time you will need to feel competent and able to make a strong contribution to your new business should be shortened if you have worked your way through the book with care. You will know about what good service looks and sounds like so your service levels should be high, and this should be recognized early with appropriate rewards by your employers. Another advantage of this book is that it even provides guidance on how to ensure your well-being while at work—an often overlooked issue in call centers. For supervisors, the terrain is well covered and there is much guidance here for your role as well. For human resource development officers, you might find that this book is a worthwhile investment for all new staff. For managers, if you have come to the call center industry from another area of business, you will also find the book invaluable. Checklists are even provided for those thinking of setting up a call center with practical advice that many may have overlooked in their planning.

Blank Image
Professor Lynne Bennington

Services Management Consultant, University Professor (Faculty of Business, ACU, Melbourne, Australia) and Co-author (with Professor Richard Feinberg, a consumer psychologist and Professor Ko de Ruyter, a marketing expert) of the 2005 publication Cases in Call Center Management: Great Ideas (Th)at Work, Purdue University Press, Australia

Chitra Lele, a young poet, peace ambassador, great academician and IT consultant requested me to write a Foreword for her latest poetry collection, thereby giving me the privilege of reading her recently composed poems. Chitra has a dynamic poetic expression betraying anybody’s expectation of callowness associated with such a young apologist. Her microscopic observation of the society, wider perspectives, her sensitive heart and command over poetics are very evident in this book titled 'Mother Nature’s Miracles'. She depicts her poems in lucid language and innovative expressions. This book is her touching tribute to the beauty and bounty of Mother Nature. Through her profound poems, she shares the magic of the generous gifts of nature with us.

Testimonial from Ramakrishna Perugu
Rama Krishna Perugu

Author, Translator, Reviewer, Vice President of Indian Society of Authors, Founder of International Poets Society (India), Member: Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry (Philippines), Member: International Benevolent Research Forum (India), Member: United Poet Laureates International (USA), and Member: World Academy of Arts and Culture (USA)

I feel privileged to go through the fine book, 'Divine Decorations', penned by the young award-winning poet, record-setting author and management consultant, Chitra Lele; I consider this an honor to read it before the world does. Chitra easily qualifies to be called a prodigy if one considers the spectrum of her literary pursuits and the range of her publications at such a young age. The wide recognition and testimonials that have come her way speak volumes of her caliber and devotion.

Testimonial from Dilip Mohapatra
Dilip Mohapatra

Navy Veteran and Award-winning Poet, India

It is not an exaggeration to state that 'Holy Hues' is a compilation of poems that reflect harmony and solace. The diction is artistic and the themes are multi-faceted. Chitra tries to promote universal tolerance through these beautiful poems, which is a panacea for all evils in the society. Her enthusiasm in propagating peace should be applauded by each one of us. I congratulate this young poet and peace ambassador for this amazing poetic work and heartily welcome the new poetry collection. I also wish that Chitra may continue with this creative journey without any interruption. Wish her the best always!

Testimonial from Ramakrishna Perugu
Rama Krishna Perugu

Author, Translator, Reviewer, Vice President of Indian Society of Authors, Founder of International Poets Society (India), Member: Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry (Philippines), Member: International Benevolent Research Forum (India), Member: United Poet Laureates International (USA), and Member: World Academy of Arts and Culture (USA)

From the renowned and versatile young author and management consultant, Chitra Lele, comes a highly thought-provoking academic and reference book, Wake Up Silicon Valley: Dystopia to Utopia. This book blends Chitra’s spiritual insights and experiences with the positive side of technology in order to provide a comprehensive user’s manual for personal as well as collective transformation. This user’s manual provides a doable roadmap where the best of both the worlds can be achieved: spirituality and technology.

Testimonial from Mike Rana
Mike Rana

Group Captain (Retd.) (Indian Air Force), Keynote Speaker, Software Consultant and Author of ‘A Citizen’s Manifesto–A Ray of Hope’ and ‘A Wonderful World–Dreams and Reality’, India

It is incumbent upon all responsible governments and citizens to reflect on the nature of WMD and its future. As well, millions of professionals in security, law enforcement and first response agencies—from the intelligence xii Weapons of Mass Destruction and military services to local public health officials, police and fire departments—must be prepared to respond effectively if and when a WMD attack (or accident) occurs. There is also a need for greater public awareness and education. To these ends, the nationally-acclaimed prolific author Chitra Lele has authored an important book, Weapons of Mass Destruction: The New Face of Warfare, which synthesizes and integrates an impressive amount of information in way that a general readership can understand. The young author has compiled an impressive collection of technical details and analysis on various kinds of CBRN weapons, making this volume a useful tool for college and university courses, professional development seminars, and other venues in which WMD are studied.

Testimonial from James Forest
James J.F. Forest, Ph.D.

University of Massachusetts Lowell, Former Director of Terrorism Studies at the United States Military Academy, Professor, Consultant and Renowned Author. United States

Given that AI-AR is about data consumers and their experiences, Chitra Lele’s book Artificial Intelligence Meets Augmented Reality: Redefining Regular Reality provides a holistic and a practical approach for an integrated, scalable and holistic AI-AR ecosystem. This book explains in detail the fundamental concepts of AI and AR before dwelling into the details on integration, security, privacy and ethical aspects. Apart from the inner workings of the AI-AR solutions, this book also offers valuable insights to integrate new experiences across diverse devices and platforms.

Testimonial from Prashanth Southekal
Prashanth H. Southekal, Ph.D.

Managing Principal of DBP-Institute, Digital Transformation Strategist and Best-Selling Author of Data for Business Performance, Canada

Chitra Lele, the young management consultant, research scholar and record-setting author, has conquered many minds with her amazing literary talents which are seldom found among young writers of the world. Her latest book Cyber Risk Management: Lessons, Challenges and Solutions is a testimony to her researchoriented way of sharing her learnings and experiences with the world. Chitra’s book places cyber risk management in a holistic context by covering everything in depth, right from definition to implementation. This book clearly stresses that organizations must have cyber security and risk management at the forefront of their business agenda. Is your organization confident that the cyber risk management strategy and framework it follows minimizes cyber risks? If no, then this book is the answer to all the problems in your organization.

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Dr. K.R. Gupta

Founder: Atlantic Publishers and Distributors (P) Ltd., Best-selling Author, Editor and Academician, India

Chitra Lele, the young management consultant, peace ambassador and record-setting author’s elaborate book on corruption is commendable. As an author she is a multi-time record-setter and has received letters of commendation for her literary contributions from the Hon. President of India, Her Highness Queen Elizabeth II and other prominent personalities. Corruption in India: Causes, Effects and Reforms strives to bring the readers to a level of knowledge and information that may enable them to fight the forces of corruption surrounding them; irrespective of the country that they reside in or operate from. Of course, being aware of the presence of the corruption devil in the system is one thing, but tackling it is completely a different kettle of fish. Many of us crave for eradicating corruption from our lives and systems and listen to, with hope, the sermonizing leaders, but as individuals we are nonplussed because we do not know where to start. And Chitra’s book is a good place to start.

Testimonial from Mike Rana
Mike Rana

Group Captain (Retd.) (Indian Air Force), Keynote Speaker, Software Consultant and Author of ‘A Citizen’s Manifesto–A Ray of Hope’ and ‘A Wonderful World–Dreams and Reality’, India

Chitra’s book 'English Language: The Gateway to Global Growth' is the result of the hard work, research, dedication and extensive experience. It contains samples which show the author’s deep knowledge of the subject and concern for the people who do not know English. It is an enormously useful guide that gives an insight into the behavior and nature of English language. This book offers practical advice to beginners and also to those who know it well. The writer has put her best to produce a book that has practical as well as aesthetic pleasure. This book is useful for learners, learned, as well as for those who read just for delight. The book is a must for all those who want to achieve their dreams.

Blank Image
Dr. Anuradha Sharma

Assistant Professor of English, India

The inspirational and motivational book 'English Language: The Gateway to Global Growth' by the young author, Chitra Lele, makes a compelling case for studying English and offers many practical tips for effective and enjoyable learning. The book deals with global aspects of English like educational equity, cross-cultural sensitivity, seamless cohesion, etc., in a lively and stimulating manner. If you can apply the ideas in this book in your everyday life, you will find that your confidence in using English is growing. This book will help you achieve your goals!

Testimonial from Christine Robinson
Christine Robinson, M.A., Ph.D.

Honorary Fellow, Linguistics and English Language, University of Edinburgh and Director of Scottish Language Dictionaries, United Kingdom

Within the fine verses found in Chitra's book 'Divine Decorations' one finds the mainstay menu of not just daily exercises to teach us how to focus on the greater good within, but how to procure peace even in the dark thoughts that come down the line of coping, because the fact is, life is bigger than we imagine at times. The young poet is enacting a pinpoint of flare to follow in her blessings. This transformative, youthful, and yet so deeply moving poet is creating a sinuous chain to deter us all from losing the light.​

Testimonial from Jane Crown
Jane Crown

Author & American Archivist, Books published: Her Delicate Shoe (Polymer Grove Press) and A Love Letter to Darwin (Lummox Press), Editor of Heavy Bear Journal, and Host for Jane Crown Poetry Radio Show, United States