Founder : Chitra Lele

Passionate about bringing out the best in others

About Chitra Lele::Founder of Chitra Cares, Software Engineer, Academic Author and Peace Maker

It is through my software projects, academic books, inspirational articles, peace poetry and social transformation initiatives, I aim to transform people into a dynamic powerhouse of positive energy. And the next milestone on this joyous journey is ‘Chitra Cares‘. Welcome to Your One-stop Hub for Success in All Spheres of Life!

The purpose of this initiative is to help you  to MERGE with your core-self!
MMake each day matter
EEmpower self to live consciously
RReflect out the great spirits within others
GGenerate a stream of eternal joy
EEnergize all spheres of life

I have always been an ardent student of human dynamics and I am totally dedicated to helping individuals, teams and organizations. I am always on the lookout for opportunities to apply new ideas and turn them into something tangible of value. I find it highly fulfilling whenever I am able to lift the spirit of others by sharing my experiences and insights. Traveling around the world (USA, Europe, etc.) has made me more open to new ideas and visions, which in turn get reflected in my software work, keynote speaking sessions, peace poetry, academic books, and social transformation initiatives.

C = Caring

We are caring cocreators!

A = Authentic

We share authentic advice!

R = Radiant

We generate radiant results!

E = Energetic

We emit energetic essence!

S = Soulful

We share soulful stories!

Our Talented Team

The two most important pillars in my life that have kept me going from one milestone to another in my journey—my Mother, Asha Lele, for her creative flair and unflinching support and my Father, Gajanan Lele, for his objective criticism and analytical skills. My parents are my inner anchor that help me to stay attached to the roots of my purpose and maintain laser-sharp focus on my goals.

Asha is a great resource for transformation and empowerment. Her wisdom will help to set new standards for life and take it to the next level. She is a marketing expert and language specialist. My mom is both my marvelous mother and mentor.

Gajanan has excellent problem solving skills and outside-the-box approaches. His insights will help to achieve continuous improvement. He is a finance specialist and banking expert. My dad is both my fabulous father and friend.

Chitra Cares is a result of their endless encouragement and superb support.

Asha Lele, Chief Creative Officer
Asha Lele
Chief Creative Officer
Gajanan Lele, Chief Finance Officer
G. G. Lele
Chief Finance Officer

Dr. Mandar Dharmadhikari Sir has proved to be a source of superb support during the design, development and testing of my website. He is a perfect blend of so many aspects: creativity, technology and spirituality.